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Juli 9, 2020
Discussing & painting a dream of Freudian feminist hero ‚Dora‘
September 26, 2020

Lucid Dreaming Summit

Join the Lucid Dreaming Summit from 29.07.–01.08.20 online!

Dive deep into the depths of lucid dreaming with 21 international experts in the fields of Lucid Dreaming, Dream Yoga, Science, Psychology, Yoga Nidra and more!

Sign up here: https://www.awakeacademy.org/course/lucid-dreaming-summit/?aw=40

Brigitte Holzinger is one of the presenters.

Organizer: awake academy

Host: Charlie Morley

Relevant literature available in our Webshop:

  • Holzinger, 2018: To dream – perchance to sleep
  • Holzinger, 2014: Der luzide Traum – Forschung und Praxis
  • Holzinger: CD zum Klarträumen
  • DreamSenseMemory App

For a free chapter of  „To dream – perchance to sleep“ press here:

Lucid Creativity

To buy the book as downloadable, please contact Brigitte Holzinger via office@traum.ac.at. (Payable via PayPal)

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