"Sleep is the climax of relaxation. Stress, strain and other challenges such as shift work often make it difficult for us to sleep deeply and firmly. The consequences are fatigue, lack of concentration and loss of productivity. Through sleep coaching I help people to open the doors to sleep again." DR.IN BRIGITTE HOLZINGER, SLEEP COACH

Sleepcoaching is...

an inclusive approach to the treatment of sleep disorders and sleep problems for all age-groups.

Sleep coaching is a non-drug approach to avoid sleep problems and sleep disorders and to treat them. We sleep about a third of our lives. We owe this well-deserved sleep to inner fitness, motivation and life energy. It keeps us healthy and alert in all situations, but is particularly important in times of stress and strain. Everyone knows such times.

Sleep coaching fills a gap between sleep laboratories and people who are plagued by sleep problems. Unfortunately this is becoming more and more common in our competitive society.

Sleep Coaching® integrated on the basis of Gestalt Coaching (holistic-pragmatic and yet individual)

  1. Sleepeducation - the mediation of knowledge about sleep;
  2. CBT-I - behavioural changes to promote effective sleep, sleep training;
  3. Relaxation and hypnosis - to find good sleep again,
  4. Dream work to nightmare management: on the trail of dreams, because who dreams, who sleeps.

Why sleepcoaching?

Up to 57 billion euros and 200,000 working days are lost to the German economy every year due to lack of sleep. This is the result of an analysis by Denkfabrik Rand Europe (Source: Welt.de, 11-2016). Lack of sleep is thus not only a health risk, but brings also high losses of productivity with itself. In the USA, the insurance company Aetna pays its employees up to 300 dollars a year extra if they can prove that they sleep at least seven hours a day.
Another tried and tested solution to promote healthy sleep is sleep coaching (®Holzinger & Klösch).

This effective method has been used applied by sleep expert Dr.in Brigitte Holzinger and her team for years.

In specially developed seminars, your employees learn how to get back to healthy sleep and how to deal with special challenges, such as shift work. The sleep coaching method also helps managers to increase their productivity and personal well-being. In addition, it enables them to offer more support to affected employees.

Goals of the workshop

Healthy sleep


This workshop is about looking into each participant’s sleep problems and their consequences, about gaining knowledge about the techniques of sleepcoaching and try them in order to achieve an improvement of sleep quality. Before taking part in the workshop the participants will be asked to fill in a sleep and dream diary, which will be evaluated and individually discussed during the workshop in order to find out if there are specific issues needing to be approached. During the workshop the participants will be taught in detail the 4 elements of sleepcoaching and the Gestalt background:


We spend about one third of our lives sleeping. Those are about 8 hours a day. In our modern, industrial world, sleep is still considered as understood, as something natural which just occurs like sent to us out of the hand of a magician. Dies this not seem weird? Everyone knows how it feels to get up after a night of poor sleep. The result is: lack of energy, tiredness, restlessness, aggressions, lack of attention, difficulty to concentrate, and on a long term sleep deprivation leads to health problems reaching from Burnout to Cardio-vascular- diseases.
Sleep and what we know about it from biomedical point of view; Correlation with burnout and other psychological of physical diseases; Sleep disorders and classical treatments; Sleepcoaching and some examples including specific trainings of techniques improving the quality of sleep: „what can I change about my behavior to find better sleep?“ A seminar for all those who wish to know more about sleep, who have issues about their sleep and those who want to learn how to avoid getting those issues.

Shift work and sleep


A shift-worker lives in a normal surrounding, but works and sleeps at abnormal times. The organism cannot adapt itself to this changed way of life and reacts with many different impairments. The problems occur mostly because of being obliged to sleep at daytime and to stay awake at nighttime. The main consequences are sleep disorder and diminished performance. By following chronobiologic and work hygienic strategies the extent of the disorders can be diminished.n Erkenntnisse in die Praxis.


  • which are the substantial problems of shift-plans? Education about the circadian rhythm- what shall we do when? What is our (life-) rhythm? The inner clock – where it comes from and what makes it going What happens when it gets out of rhythm?
  • Sleep disorders within shift-working Sleep disorders originated by shift-work Sleep education: sleep disorders originated by shift-work are being discussed as well as which the risks there are for healthIndividual- and group-work: Which tendencies to disorders do I already have developed and what can I do about it?
    How can diet help?
    Plan to improve the “shift work hangover”
  • Work plan Advantages of shift-work – do I want to work in the rhythm of other People? Am I an early bird or a night owl? How susceptible to disorders induced by a change of rhythm am I?
  • My perfect work plan Create with a computer program a perfect work plan, combining the physiological knowledge about sleep and the circadian rhythm, the individual needs and wishes, and the requirements of others (family, employer). How can I actively integrate in my life measures based upon of my new knowledge about me and shift-work- which measure, when and how? (Individual- and group-work)

More seminars

• Leadership deeply relaxed How managers find their way back to inner resources
• Sleep and Gender: Women sleep differently!
• Lucid Dreaming (clear dreams): The (so far) unused creativity resource for executives. Also suitable for specialists, e.g. in programming or hardware and software development.
• The internal clock: When we best deal with which issues - findings from chronobiology implemented in a practical manner
• Also: dream work, nightmare management, hypnosis, autogenic training, meditation and relaxation techniques

Individual / group coaching

You can also book the contents of our seminars as individual or group coaching. The coaching will be even more tailored to your needs.

As a coach and supervisor, Dr. Brigitte Holzinger is also available for other areas, especially stress and burnout.

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